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About Wandering Moth Press

Wandering Moth Press understands that a writer's career doesn't necessarily follow a straight path. In an industry where brand takes precedence over art, and authors are often quickly lost in the darkness, Wandering Moth seeks to uplift writers who are willing to be creative and courageous and, above all, seek the light of a well-told story.


The Monolith Book Trailer has Dropped!


A cross between the Irwin family’s adventures and National Treasure, this is an entertaining quest that touches on facets of home and family, bullying, and personal creativity. A quick read that will entertain and challenge readers to seek out adventures in their own backyards.

Booklist for The Hike to Home

Every generation deserves a book that delivers on wonder and awe in a way that the reader feels it like an electrical pulse.

Monolith is that book.

Nicole Valentine, author of The Time Traveler's Theory of Relativity

A positive addition to the growing collection of social justice books for children and will appeal to future firefighters of any gender. This tale of the first official NYC female firefighter holds quality and feminism at its core.

Kirkus Reviews for Send a Girl!

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