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In 1977 when the New York City Fire Department finally complied with the Civil Rights Act (from 1964) by allowing women to take the FDNY exam, Brenda jumped at the chance.


But the FDNY changed the rules of the exam so women wouldn’t be able to pass it. Even a lot of men couldn’t pass this new exam. So Brenda Berkman took the FDNY to court. In 1982, they finally made a fair test, and Brenda and 41 other women passed. Brenda went on to serve in the FDNY for 25 years, reaching the positions of Lieutenant and Captain, and was a first responder during the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11. Brenda also founded the United Women Firefighters, an organization that helps train and prepare women to be firefighters. 


Send a Girl! is Brenda Berkman’s inspiring story.


Awards and Recognition:

Featured in exhibition at The Society of Illustrators Museum NYC 2021

Rise: A Feminst Book Project List 2022

Nominated for New Jersey Library Association Children's Book Award 2024

Send a Girl! - Bloomsbury Children's Books

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