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In Book One of the Dare Sisters duology, Frankie, Savannah, and Jolene Dare set out to find Blackbeard's legendary treasure, inspired by their late grandfather's life-long obsession. 


Savannah Dare has always wanted to be a pirate. She grew up on legends of Blackbeard from her grandfather―her best friend and fellow treasure hunter.


But now he’s gone. Savannah and her sisters, Frances and Jolene are left to find Blackbeard’s lost loot on their own. It was their grandfather’s dream, and they can’t let him down.


No one else in their small town on Ocracoke Island believes Blackbeard’s treasure is truly still out there . . . no one except their grandfather’s mysterious old business partner, who’s determined to find it himself. And when their family home is endangered, the Dare sisters realize finding Blackbeard’s treasure is their only hope!


Awards and Recognition: 

~Nominated for the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award 2023-2024



The Dare Sisters - Macmillan

SKU: 0002
  • The Dare Sisters can be purchased directly through this website for a limited time, Amazon, or your local bookstore.

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